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Other people own the few Mantas in existence. Here's what one says; 

"I have always wanted to own and proudly drive one of the rarest exotic cars on the road, the Manta Mirage. This page is dedicated to some of the Mantas I have located. Most Manta's usually have a 327ci to 350ci, though there are some out there with engines as big as the 454 and 460ci. At only 1500lbs., these machines are brutal to drive. Staying at the speed limits can in themselves be a real challenge. The Manta can average well over 25mpg with a 350, and has a cruise range in excess of 600 miles highway. They are now becoming a rare find, and most usually sell for as little as $15,000.00 A properly equipped Manta Mirage with a 350, may easily take some of your favorite production road machines. This page is intended to serve as a small contribution to those who appreciate the sleek Manta Mirage."

And another:

"The Manta Mirage Can Be Described Very Simply...a Thoroughbred. Manta Mirage, the exclusive hand-built sports car designed for the man who needs even more pleasure from his motoring than that offered by the normal sports cars-designed and styled from the 200 mph Can-Am sports cars of the racing world. The Manta Mirage combines breathtaking performance with completely civilized road manners. The sweeping lines of the Manta Mirage body styling make of hand laid fiberglass creates an aura of beauty and power that no other automobile can match. Driving the Manta Mirage with blue sky above brings back the thrill and excitement of motoring from the great days of American sports cars. But the Manta Mirage offers still more advantages in these days of energy conservation. The exciting performance from its mid-engined V-8 design is coupled with the economy of 25 to 28 miles per gallon on the highway. The Manta Mirage can be described very simply-a rare thoroughbred in a world of conventional sports cars."


Two brothers Brad and Tim Lovette in California designed the Manta Mirage during the early 70's. They were into road racing and building fiberglass bodies for Cam-Am racing cars at the time and decided there was a market for a street legal version of a Cam-Am racer. So the Manta Mirage was born. 

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